Ballas Grove Street House | FiveM Gang House

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Immersive Ballas Grove Street House & fiveM gang house MLO for FiveM gang roleplay. Perfect for gritty scenarios and classic gang lore.

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Own a piece of iconic history with the Ballas Grove Street House MLO for FiveM.  Perfect for roleplaying as a gang, this classic dwelling brings gritty authenticity to your server. With its open exterior and functional interior, this house provides the ultimate hub for your FiveM gang operations.

Key Features of the Ballas Grove Street House

  • Open exterior: Host gatherings, stake out territory, or engage in turf wars.
  • Comfortable living area: Unwind by the fireplace, share a hookah, or grab a bite to eat.
  • Entertainment room: Relax on the sofa and catch up on TV.
  • Functional kitchen: Prepare roleplay meals and snacks.
  • Simple bedroom: Provides a basic resting spot for gang members.

Why Choose the Ballas Grove Street House MLO

Create the ultimate gang experience with this iconic FiveM MLO. The Ballas Grove Street House delivers an immersive environment for your roleplaying scenarios.  It’s an essential piece for any server focused on gangs, criminal activity, and gritty urban roleplay.

  • Highly detailed textures and design
  • Optimized for smooth FiveM server performance
  • Easy installation and integration


Elevate your FiveM gang roleplay with the Ballas Grove Street House.  Bring a touch of classic gang lore to your server while providing a multi-functional base for your operations. Own this key piece of FiveM history today!

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FiveM Gang House

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Ballas Grove Street HouseBallas Grove Street House | FiveM Gang House
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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