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Vinewood mlo fivem adds a stunning art gallery fivem mlo. It features a spacious main room with perfect for showcasing artwork.

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Introducing the Art Gallery FiveM MLO and Vinewood MLO FiveM, a meticulously designed map load object (MLO) for FiveM, ideal for roleplaying sophisticated heists or showcasing valuable items. This Vinewood Art Gallery MLO offers a unique setting in the heart of the FiveM world.

Art Gallery fivem MLO Key Features:

  • Ideal Robbery Setting: The art gallery serves as the perfect location for planning and executing high-stake heists. Its layout and aesthetic provide an immersive experience for criminal role-play scenarios.
  • Showcase Venue: Apart from heists, the gallery is an excellent venue for showcasing valuable items such as jewelry, art pieces, and more. It adds a layer of sophistication and realism to your server’s role-play environment.
  • Roof Access: Unique to this MLO is the roof access feature, adding an extra dimension to planning heists or events, offering strategic vantage points or escape routes.
  • Integration with Jewelry Stores: If your server includes a jewelry store, this art gallery MLO seamlessly integrates, allowing you to extend the showcase possibilities for rings and other jewelry pieces.

Preview Image:

Vinewood MLO fivem

Showcase Video:


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Art Gallery fivem MLOArt Gallery fivem MLO | Vinewood MLO fivem
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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