Aci Global Mechanic Shop Mlo

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Elevate your FiveM experience with the Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO, featuring detailed equipment and realistic roleplay scenarios.

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Introducing the Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO, a meticulously designed modification for FiveM servers that transforms the virtual mechanic service experience. This comprehensive MLO (Map Location Object) integrates seamlessly with FiveM, offering an immersive environment for car repair, customization, and roleplay. Here, we delve into the rich features and functionalities that make the Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO a must-have for your server.

FiveM Aci Global Mechanic Shop Mlo Key Features:

  • Parking Area for Customers: A welcoming entrance that facilitates easy access for vehicles requiring repairs or modifications, enhancing the realism and convenience for players.
  • Mechanic Hall Equipped with Extensive Equipment:
    • Lifting Tools: Includes trolley jacks, floor jacks, air-hydraulic jacks for heavier lifting, bottle jacks for portability, transmission jacks for gearbox servicing, and jack stands for stable support.
    • Supplies on Hand: A wide selection of tires, auto parts for various repairs, gas cylinders for welding/cutting tasks, oil for maintenance, and gas welding equipment for meticulous metalwork.
    • Safety Measures: Equipped with fire extinguishers and a comprehensive fire system to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Car Wash Area: Includes pressure washers, soaps, brushes, and drying towels for a complete vehicle cleaning service, adding an extra layer of roleplay interaction.

Enhancing Roleplay on Your Server:

The Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO is not just a location; it’s a hub for community interaction, offering endless roleplay scenarios. Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or custom modifications, this MLO brings a new dimension to automotive roleplay in FiveM.


The Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO stands out as an essential addition to any FiveM server focused on enhancing the automotive roleplay experience. With its comprehensive features, attention to detail, and roleplay potential, it offers an immersive mechanic shop environment that players can explore and interact with. Upgrade your FiveM server with the Aci Global Mechanic Shop MLO and drive your community’s roleplay to the next level.


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Aci Global Mechanic Shop Mlo

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Aci Global Mechanic Shop MloAci Global Mechanic Shop Mlo
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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