qbus Marijuana script | Harvest,Plant,Sell & Smoke Marijuana

qbus Marijuana script | Harvest,Plant,Sell & Smoke Marijuana


This Script allows players to Harvest, Plant, Sell & Smoke Marijuana. different process to plant and harvest Marijuana.

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  • roll a joint & 3g joint
  • lighter is required to smoke
  • papers are required to roll
  • joints can only be rolled with 3.5 marijuana baggies
  • 1 baggie = 3 joints


  • harvested crops and process into 1oz packaged marijuana
  • combine 1oz to 3.5 baggies
  • use baggies to weigh & bag up 1oz in to 3.5gs if you have a scale and 9 baggies

Player Grow

  • grow plants anywhere with seeds
  • take care of plants with water/food
  • crops can be destroyed, harvested or even die
  • grown crops are the high potency
  • player grown crops have 6 growth stages


  • harvest crops from 2 locations [near lake & the weed farm]
  • a trowel is needed to harvest crops near the lake
  • crops harvested from the lake are low potency
  • crops harvested from the weed farm are mid potency
  • crops harvested from player grown plants are high potency


  • sell 3.5 grams on the street to npc in certan locations with a burner phone
  • sell 1oz to Smoke on the Water shops



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