New ESX Meth Drugs

New ESX Meth Drugs


New ESX Meth drugs with advanced animations and new way to collect meth.

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  • Open source, no IP-Lock.
  • Good optimization, no FPS drops.
  • A lot of animations and actions to provide the best roleplay quality for your amazing server!
  • Configurable amount of barrels in the field.
  • Configurable coordinates of locations.
  • Configurable blips toggle.
  • Server-synced meth mixing and cooking.
  • Configurable max. and min. meth amount after cooking it.
  • Configurable chance of getting nothing from barrel.
  • Configurable ingridients message. (Toggle on/off)
  • You can choose if you want to use qtarget or bt-target in config easy!
  • Configurable sell price and money type.
  • You can easily change most of the script’s text to your language in the config file!