FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack

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Experience the ultimate medical roleplay with our FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack , featuring detailed interiors, advanced equipment.

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Discover the most comprehensive and immersive medical environment in the FiveM universe with our FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack . Tailored for realism and depth, it sets a new standard for medical roleplay. Whether you’re managing emergency scenarios or day-to-day hospital operations, our MLO provides an unmatched setting.

Key Features of FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack

  • Detailed Interior: Experience over 100 custom props meticulously representing various hospital areas, from ER to intensive care.
  • Efficient Wayfinding: Navigate effortlessly through the hospital with clear signage and an intuitive layout.
  • Community Driven: Enjoy updates and enhancements from a dedicated community of modders, keeping the environment fresh and exciting.
  • Versatile Settings: Perfectly designed for scenarios ranging from high-stress medical emergencies to covert drug operations.

Why Choose Our FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack

Our FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack not only offers advanced functionality but also a dynamic environment for players to explore medical careers or illicit activities seamlessly within your FiveM server.

  • Advanced Equipment: Fully equipped for a range of medical procedures, enhancing gameplay realism.
  • Dynamic Community Spaces: More than just a hospital, it’s a vibrant community hub for player interaction and events.


The FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack provides a perfect blend of functionality, realism, and community-driven content, making it an essential addition to any FiveM server. Whether for intense medical roleplay or as a community meeting point, it promises to enhance your gaming experience and maintain engagement across diverse gameplay scenarios.

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FiveM Pillbox MLO Pack

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FiveM Pillbox MLO PackFiveM Pillbox MLO Pack
Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $40.00.
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