FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack

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Explore our FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack , designed to enhance your gaming experience with realistic, fully equipped fire station facilities.

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Elevate your FiveM gaming experience with our meticulously designed FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack . Perfect for communities looking for a comprehensive, realistic fire department simulation, this MLO includes everything from a fully equipped garage and gym to detailed administrative areas and living quarters. Immerse yourself in a setting that mirrors real-life fire stations, designed to enhance your role-play scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack

  • Fully Equipped Garage: Space for 11 emergency vehicles.
  • Training Yard & Helipad: Ideal for drills and enhancing realism.
  • Detailed Textures: High-quality materials for a lifelike environment.
  • Living Quarters: Includes dormitories, a kitchen, and a recreation area.
  • Functional Offices: Support essential fire department operations.

Why Choose Our FiveM Fire Department MLO:

For server admins dedicated to providing an immersive role-play experience, our FiveM Fire Department MLO offers a diverse range of facilities to meet any demand. From a robust gym to help maintain your team’s peak physical fitness to a variety of administrative and living spaces, this MLO ensures a comprehensive and realistic fire department environment.

Benefits of Our MLO:

  • Realistic Interiors: From offices to dorms, every space is designed with attention to detail.
  • Variety in Station Size: Tailored to accommodate different server scales from small to large.


Our FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack is not just a game asset; it’s a cornerstone for building a realistic and engaging fire department in your FiveM server. With detailed designs, functional spaces, and a variety of vehicle accommodations, it enhances gameplay, improves role-play realism, and supports community engagement. Choose our MLO to ensure your fire department is equipped to handle any emergency with efficiency and realism.

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FiveM Fire Station MLO Pack

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FiveM Fire Station MLO PackFiveM Fire Station MLO Pack
Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.
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