FiveM Custom Qbus Server with installation

FiveM Custom Qbus Server with installation


New Jobs
New Drugs System
Whitelisted jobs
Admin Menu and Logs
New UI

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

This is a Fully Custom Qbus Server. Fivem Qbus server with fully new ui and scripts, This server is included with 200+ Premium Scripts with Maps and vehicles.. The server works smoothly. I will setup after order in your fivem host.

If you want to test this server before buy contact us on discord we will provide test server ip to test the complete server.

This server is ready to start with everything and this server support fivem onesync infinity so you can increase server slots to max (1024 slots). the server is fully optimized and can handle more than 100 in-game players.


Server features

  • Multi Character
  • Character Spawn UI
  • NoPixel Third Eye
  • Custom Banking UI
  • Good Hud and UI
  • Best Inventory
  • New Phone
  • Whitelist Jobs
  • Illegal Jobs (Weed, Cocaine and other)
  • Bank Robbery
  • Store Robbery
  • Admin Menu
  • 20+ Jobs
  • Discord Logs system (Money, Item, Admin, Robbery and all Logs)
  • Motels
  • Car Custom
  • Emote Menu
  • Cityhall
  • Court system
  • Crafting Items
  • Custom Housing with Furniture
  • Racing with Mobile app
  • Player Scoreboard
  • Spawn Menu (Multi Locations, Own House, Motel)
  • Gun hiest
  • Good Maps
  • 100+ Custom Vehicles
  • Police MDT
  • and many other¬†features.



Note :- After order place contact us on discord with your host details so we can setup your server as soon possible.




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