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Unlock powerful control with FiveM Admin Menu V3. Ideal for server management, featuring plug & play setup and free support.


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Introducing the FiveM Admin Menu V3

Elevate your server management with the FiveM Admin Menu V3, a robust, standalone script designed for QBCore framework compatibility. This tool is your go-to for seamless server administration, offering real-time insights and comprehensive control features. It’s plug & play, ensuring easy installation and comes with free support.

Key Features of FiveM Admin Menu V3

  • Super-useful Dashboard with server logs, player/staff count, and 26 management actions.
  • Server Metrics for real-time stats like player cash, bans, and inventory items.
  • Log Viewer that intercepts and displays major events with zero setup required.
  • Comprehensive Player List and Actions views, with framework-specific actions and full player info.
  • Built-in Warning System, Jobs and Gangs management, and a versatile Resources page.

Why Choose Our Admin Menu Script FiveM

Our Script is the ultimate tool for managing your FiveM server. With its intuitive design, you can effortlessly monitor and control various server aspects from one place. The script supports all major FiveM commands and offers additional features like a warning system and real-time log viewing.

Key Features

  • Dark Mode for user preference settings.
  • Bans and Characters management for comprehensive server control.
  • Compatible with QBCore framework, enhancing your server’s functionality.

Conclusion About FiveM Admin Menu V3

This Script is an indispensable tool for any server admin looking to streamline operations and enhance gameplay experience. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it provides all you need for effective server management. Upgrade your server capabilities and ensure a smooth, efficient gaming environment with this top-notch admin script.

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FiveM Admin Menu V3FiveM Admin Menu V3 | Admin Menu Script FiveM
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $25.00.
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